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Quantum Total Wellness Foundation organizes sensitization program on Skill Development in Jamestown-Accra

QUANTUM Total Wellness Foundation Team arrived at Jamestown, Accra on the 4th of August 2023 at 4pm.

The venue was in front of the House of a Volunteer where a canopy was set up and chairs were arranged, they had prepared for our arrival

Our mission was to meet only the Opinion Leaders of Jamestown about our intention to empower 60 Single Abandoned Young Unemployed Mothers between the ages of 18-25 years through Trainings that will lead to financial independence.

To our surprise, we met a crowd of 54 Single Abandoned, Unemployed Mothers already seated and waiting for us! It was obvious the word had gone out and spread like wildfire in the Harmattan

It was overwhelming but we feel super excited, confident and all the more determined about this journey we are about to embark on; putting smiles, giving hope and fulfilling dreams of these vulnerable Women

Screening is on 12th of August, 2023 at 3:00pm
And we can only imagine the mammoth crowd that will be waiting

It is definitely going to be an exciting and fulfilling experience

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