About Our Foundation

The world is full of people with different needs, while some people celebrate life, others see life as a burden and a curse. This latter class of people just need some level of support to put smile on their faces. It is therefore against this background that Quantum Total Wellness Foundation which is a non-profit organization under the Umbrella of the Quantum Total Wellness Centre is embarking on a number of life changing initiatives to help make lives meaningful and safe.

We strive to reduce suicide cases in Ghana, bring awareness to the vulnerable groups on eye care and treatment leading to reduction in the number of blind people in Ghana by 2024, eliminating extreme poverty, ending hunger; Achieve true equality for all. Mitigating the potentially catastrophic impacts of climate change. We also work in the domain of Gender, Education, Child and Youth development and general wellbeing of humanity.

One of our Interest area is to restore hope in school dropout teenage mothers, empower them and to send them back to school.


Facilitate the process where the venerable has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life.


Quantum Total Wellness foundation is not for profit registered organization operates in Ghana with the project site locate in various underprivileged communities since 2014.


Envision a world in which the most venerable will have the power to lift themselves out of poverty, discrimination and poor health care in their families and communities now and the future.

Our Approach

Quantum Total Wellness Foundation has so far worked with five (5) low income communities within Greater Accra and Upper East Region of Ghana. We basically explore the bottom-up approach to make our projects successful and sustainable.

Our Partners.

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